Sheikh Moustapha Gueye Haidar (RA) (1926-1989) is the elder son of the scholar, and wali of ALLAH, Sheikh Saib, well known as Serigne Samba Gueye (RA) of Theis, Senegal  (West Africa). Sheikh Samba was a shaykh of the Tidiani Tariqa. However, Sheikh Moustapha received a wird in 1966, directly from the Messenger of ALLAH (SWT), which gave birth to the young Tariqa called "Mustafawiyyu." Indeed, what abundant goods man can harvest from the  school and method of Sheikh Moustapha (RA). "Salawat" of the Sheikh is a treasure. Its daily recitation leads to the Heavens, first as a tourist and then ... I prefer to hide the itinerary of the "voyage." "Salawat" is a fast plane towards the LORD.

Khalif of the Mustafawwiyu
Serigne Mohammad Saada
Eldest Son of Sheikh Moustapha (RA)