Every human being has the desire to seek Allah, but not every human being recognizes this desire. The dunya, especially here in America, has its strength in its distractions. We are numbed by the wealth of the society around us, and by the constant input of information and the constant urge to rush from one thing to the next. This lifestyle leaves us no time or energy for searching within, or for purifying our hearts, and makes it difficult to find beauty in silence and solitude. Has your life distracted you so that you cannot find the kernel of desire for Allah that burns deeply in your heart? Has that light been blanketed under so many layers of darkness and confusion that it is only a tiny sparkle, seen with great difficulty? If you are reading this, then you MUST be one who is seeking that light, even if it seems like the words refer to others who you may perceive as more noble and spiritual.

We of the Mustafawiya Tariqa are calling out to YOU, for we have found in this Tariqa a blessed path, leading us to places of greater enlightenment and connection to Allah and His Prophet (saws). We believe we have a wird which is solid and uncorrupted, as directly received by Sheikh Mustafa from Rasulullah (saws). We have been blessed by Allah to have a Sheikh today, Sheikh Harun Alfaqir, who emulates all of the noble qualities of a true Sheikh, and who loves us each with a love so great that it is timeless. We come from all walks of life, from many cultural backgrounds, from many countries, from all types of economic conditions, and we have become the Fuqara. Yet we are the richest in the world today, for we have found a path a shortcut to Allah that has filled our hearts with the love of our Prophet (saws) and our Lord. This is the only wealth that has meaning in this life, for it is timeless in its bounty and benefit. We only wish to share it with the world, for it is a healer of the heart in a time when that world is enshrouded in many kinds of darkness. Join us; walk with us along this path, where you will find all you need waiting for you.